100 Day Project-Day 3

Spring Break breakfast at home:
Trader Joe’s hash browns and turkey bacon for the boy
Kroger French toast sticks and turkey bacon for the girl
two hard-boiled eggs and turkey bacon for me (and some of the hash brown)

clarinet lesson
dinner at Chipotle
Captain Marvel at the movies
I can’t wait for Endgame. They have me. Infinity War guaranteed them ticket sales. Brilliant.

Another lovely spring day. Tomorrow rain and 59.

Still reading The Identicals. It’s fun and interesting and well written. I had no idea Elin Hilderbrand went to Iowa for graduate school.

Today my parents and my brother’s family are leaving Corfu and heading to Messina, Sicily.

My England plans are going pretty well. I absolutely have a goal of booking flights tonight.

I love Thursdays. Today I am going to have a self-care day of reading without guilt. And writing on paper to organize some ideas.

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