100 Day Project-Day 7

Today is hot-relatively. It’s in the low 80s, so in July I will not think this is hot. But, it is April 7 and low 80s is hot to me today. And…I do not have air conditioning in my car.

I think I might start The Artist’s Way and go through that again.

I feel stymied and stifled today. Maybe I should have some compassion for myself since it’s the first weekday after spring break. I got up and made lunches, worked a little, then had an appointment in the middle of the day. I stopped at Wegmans’s and now have an hour before my daughter gets home and I have to take her to piano lessons. I’m dying to finish my Herman Melville biography, one, so I can list it down and be done and two, because I’m tired of it. I don’t like him as a person as much as I thought I would after reading Moby¬†Dick.

I am curious now about the Hawthornes. What made Nathaniel agree to be such close friends with Melville? How did Melville treat his wife and children? I know he didn’t always treat them kindly. I would also like to know about the Hawthorne family’s European travels and their time with Maria Mitchell.

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