Hi! Thanks for visiting Library Serendipity.

I’m Erin, a lifelong bookworm and writer.

This outlet is meant to help me keep track of my deep dives as I sound the depths of different topics and subject areas for my writing and my curiosity.

I read widely and yet, of course, I have gaps. This year I plan to fill in some of those gaps with books I feel are egregious omissions from my reading life and also with books in genres I have not yet delved into very deeply.

I am a great lover of lists and look with fascination every January at all the reading challenges that pop up among book bloggers. I never do them because my reading is either desultory, with one book leading to another in kind of an organic way. Or else my reading is determined and planned, and I’m in a deep dive into a topic that sparkles in front of me as I chase it down a twisting path. I am not good at reading books assigned for a book club or following up on recommended reading from other people right away. I am grateful for books given to me, but they may sit awhile until they fit into my reading schedule of the moment.