A fellow writer who understands the writing process combined with the eagle eye of an editor


Every writer can benefit from a second pair of eyes on their work. As we write, revise, and rewrite, we start to focus more on the big concepts and lose sight of the nitty gritty details that seem to fade into the background.

Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could edit menus, store signs, school communications, and websites. I have been naturally proofreading for most of my life, and I know this is how I can help you publish your best work.

My goal is to apply my sharp eye to your project and help you to refine it to its most polished form. I will focus on those “invisible” details like spelling, usage, sentence construction, and punctuation on a copy editing and proofreading level. We can discuss structural issues such as continuity and repetitions on a line editing level.




As a writer herself, Erin understands the difficulties of the writing process. Yet as someone who has always been obsessed with words and has a deep love for linguistics and orthography, she also has an understanding of how to help polish your work for publication.


She created WordPhoenix Editing as a way to share her services with poets, writers, academics, and anyone seeking to express themselves through the written word.


Erin refines her craft through professional affiliations with ACES: The Society for Editors and the Editorial Freelancers Association. She frequently takes courses in copy editing and developmental editing to further deepen her knowledge and to better help her clients realize their writing goals.

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