The Allure of Trails

A photo of a trail fills me with the delicious rise of adventure and possibility.  I’ve always loved the feeling of setting off in a local, state or national park with a map, water, and a trail ahead of me. I’m an aspiring Bill Bryson, albeit, without his wit and sarcasm.

This picture was taken today in a local park. I have a Falcon Guide out of the library with a bunch of day hikes (really morning hikes) of nearby parks. I made a list of them in my bullet journal and now I’m checking each one off by writing the date accomplished. I’m considering this the beginning of my training for section hiking the Appalachian Trail.

What I really want to do here on this blog is write about trails and books. I want to go through the books I have and read them with the ultimate goal of decluttering and giving them away after I read them. I also want to kind of study why I have the books that I have. Here on the blog I’ll also track my AT training and trail hiking. And I want to write my book. Books and reading also lead me down trails. One topic organically leads to another and I follow the trail. Or else I get obsessed and dig deep into that one topic, ending up with a sort of text set or syllabus on that topic.

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