On Books and Trails


On Books

For a few years now, I’ve become curious about the books on my own shelves. 

I am a heavy library user and realize that I have a lot of unread books that I own. My plan is to excavate and explore what is there, to read them in the order that I encounter them, and track that progress here. 

I also have a thing for lists. Definitely book lists but also movie lists, hikes, anything to progress along to completion. I don’t know why this is.


On Trails

I’m drawn to trails. It’s the possibility inherent in not knowing what’s around the bend. It’s the sense of exploration. It’s being in nature, of having an adventure. I love trail stories, both current and historical. It’s why I’m so taken with the Braddock’s Road story. I’ve been hiking here and there but have always longed to go more. I’m starting this year hiking very locally and then broadening. And then finally I will begin to section hike the Appalachian Trail. From there, who knows, maybe I’ll have time in my life to do parts of the Continental Divide and Pacific Crest. 

I started running at age 36. Over the years, I’ve done a few 5ks, 8ks, and 10ks. And then I got away from it. I’ve done a few Couch 2 5ks here and there but no races in a long time. It’s time to do another 10k. I’m training for the same race that was the first 10k I’ve ever done in 2012.


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