About Me

Erin Levens

B.A. English; M.A. Writing and Rhetoric

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Since the age of four, I have been an insatiable bookworm, reading everything I could find–the ubiquitous cereal box, books, magazines, recipes, textbooks, etc. 

Knowing my calling was books and words, I majored in English and Early Childhood Education at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Soon after, I earned a Masters degree in Writing and Rhetoric with a focus on teaching writing and English as a Second Language from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  During graduate school, I worked for the Capital Writing Project, a program designed to help teachers hone their skills in teaching writing in the classroom.

For the past ten years, I have been a freelance writer. My work has appeared in publications such as LiteraryMama.com, LiteraryTraveler.com, Streetlight Magazine, A Life in 10 Minutes Anthology, and Cricket Magazine. For many of those years I have also worked for James River Writers, Richmond’s  nonprofit writing association and community. I worked closely with the administrative director on many projects, including registration and logistics of multiple writers’ conferences, maintenance of member database, and communications with members and conference attendees.

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Services and Rates


Copy Editing

Copy editing includes reading for spelling, typos, punctuation, missing words, double words, etc. This editing process includes checking for inconsistencies, continuity issues, and/or accuracy. 



Done at a later stage than initial copy or line editing, proofreading is more detail-oriented. In this stage, I will not only check for errors that may have been overlooked or introduced during revision, but also for issues like missing italics, incorrect page numbering, missing quotation marks, typos, spacing issues, etc.

9-13 ms. pages/hour at $50 /hr

Line Editing/Substantive Editing

Line editing has more to do with the writing itself. In this capacity, I will read for content and writing style, run-on sentences, bland language, stilted dialogue, info dumping, head hopping, confusing scenes, etc. 

$0.012/word for the first round of substantive editing plus 50% of the total for the second round, further rounds will vary as necessary

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